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Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

We grow our own fruit and vegetables for our meals for as much of the year as we can. Without a greenhouse we have to buy shop food in the winter months but in the spring, summer and autumn we often have enough to share with family and friends.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Problems you might notice when you harvest your own-grown new potatoes...

Common Problems noticed when harvesting new potatoes.
Here is a list of the most common problems potatoes can suffer from.... that you might only notice when you harvest your potatoes....

 Potato problems
things you might notice ...

fairly large holes in the potatoes  (possible cause) slugs
tiny holes in the potatoes dark areas around it (possible cause) wire worm
rough dark patches on the skin of the potatoes  (possible cause)   scab

Can you still eat potatoes that have marks on them?

Good news is that the potatoes suffering from scab can still be eaten, you just might have to peel them before cooking them.

The ones with slight wire worm damage can also be eaten, if it is really bad destroy the potato do not compost it.

The slug damage if it is a small area cut it out, if it is badly damaged throw it out.

These are not disasters - the wire-worm usually affects potatoes grown in an area that was recently grass land.  As you work the land and rotate the cropping areas the problem should diminish over the years. Some people think that growing the green-manure plant called mustard in the soil helps to eradicate the problem.

Slugs are just something that strike from time to time as you work the soil and the birds eat the eggs of things like slugs the problem may lessed. please do not resort to slug bait as it can kill birds and hedgehogs both of these are gardeners' friends.

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a healthy potato plant in flower

a healthy potato plant in flower
photo of potatoes in flower

home grown carrots.. grown from seed

home grown carrots.. grown from seed
photo of my first bunch of carrots 2009

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Even a small batch of mixed fruit can be useful
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