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Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

We grow our own fruit and vegetables for our meals for as much of the year as we can. Without a greenhouse we have to buy shop food in the winter months but in the spring, summer and autumn we often have enough to share with family and friends.

Read about growing your fruit and vegetables here on my growing your own food pages.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Make Compost Faster - five things that turn waste into compost quicker

Making Compost, Ways to Speed up the Process of Compost Making.
To turn the items that you can put on the compost heap into compost faster there are certain things you can do.

Here are five composting tips to turn your heap into compost faster -
  1. Heat speeds up the process so keeping the heap warm will aid the breaking down process. 
  2. Turn the pile of composting materials over, as turning the heap incorporates air and that too speeds up the composting process.
  3. Add plants to the heap such as the leaves of the comfrey plant as it is said to accelerate the making of compost. 
  4. Putting horse muck on the heap speeds up the compost making.
  5. Layering the things that you add to the heap - so that you add alternate layers of 'greens' and 'browns' that is not the necessarily the  colours of the things you are adding to the heap but their categories. 
A quick short list of the categories for greens and browns when making compost....
  • When composting browns are things like cardboard, paper and fallen leaves.
  • When composting greens are things like vegetable peelings, bedding plants that are finished with in the garden, rhubarb leaves.
More on greens and browns in my next post here.

a healthy potato plant in flower

a healthy potato plant in flower
photo of potatoes in flower

home grown carrots.. grown from seed

home grown carrots.. grown from seed
photo of my first bunch of carrots 2009

Even a small batch of mixed fruit can be useful

Even a small batch of mixed fruit can be useful
Home Grown Fruit can be made into delicious compote